Our Focus
Greenbridge Properties specializes in acquiring, repositioning and asset managing commercial real estate.  We seek to create long term partnerships with other investors and together create wealth through strategic operation of income producing properties.

Your Advantage
By focusing in select markets and providing all research, acquisition and oversight services in-house, Greenbridge and our partners can act quickly and decisively to maximize investment returns. 

Greenbridge has established a thorough process for evaluating potential investment properties.  We present highly detailed analysis that is clear, accurate and professional.

The broad collective experience of our advisors allows us to provide our clients with the most up-to-date market information, analyze trends and anticipate market changes.

We have all of the research resources available to larger firms, yet our service and presentation is flexible and customized. Every property is unique and we possess the necessary tools to evaluate an asset on its distinct characteristics.

We personally oversee the asset management of our properties and Greenbridge has a strong working relationship with a leading third party property management company.

Constant communication with the client, as well as client access to information, is essential. We deliver property performance summaries every month and provide clients 24/7 access to online reports.

How We Do It
This webpage only contains a brief description of the philosophy behind our methods.  Please visit our 'contact us' page so we can further elaborate on how Greenbridge implements these points in practice.