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We understand that you have many options when choosing a management company. The key to making the right choice is asking the right questions. Click below to see the questions we think are most important.

What are your fees?

Lease Fee: 50% of first month’s rent. This is a one-time fee that covers everything from the first day that we meet, to the day we sign a lease. All photos, marketing, showings, background checks and paperwork are included in this fee. We do NOT charge another lease fee when an existing tenant is renewing their lease. Ask other management companies that question.

Management Fee. 10% of collected rent income. This fee covers everything else associated with property management. Because it is a percentage of collected income, if your property isn’t bringing in money, we don’t get paid.

That is it. Any other fees or costs a different management company might ask for are unnecessary. We will always match a competitor's fees!

Can you pay my distributions by direct deposit?

Checks by mail are slow and require you to go to the bank to make a deposit. Greenbridge will deposit your distribution directly into your bank account through our state regulated real estate trust account with US Bank.

When are reports sent and distributions normally paid?

Most management companies send their reports and distributions at the end of the month, or the following month. Most of our reports and distributions are submitted to you by the 10th of each month.

Do you offer residents the option to pay by direct deposit?

Again, collecting checks is slow and inefficient. A resident might mail it on the first of the month but it takes a few days to arrive, and another couple of days to be deposited, and then a week or more for the check to clear.

Our residents set-up automatic, recurring payments through our special online tenant portal. Most of our residents love the option and their rent shows up in our bank account on the first of the month like clockwork. The result is a much faster turnaround for you.

Can Residents pay with a Credit Card or Cash?

Very few management companies are set up to take credit or debit cards because the credit card companies charge up to 2.5% of the rent amount. It gets very expensive quickly. And it can be dangerous to accept cash and harder to prove discrepencies.
Any of our residents can pay by credit or debit card. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to pay rent, even if it means having to use a credit card once-in-awhile. And while residents are not allowed to pay cash directly to us for security reasons, we do have an agreement with 7/11 convenience stores to accept cash payments on our behalf. 7/11 then does a direct deposit into our bank account.

Do you require tenants to carry renter’s insurance?

Tenants with liability insurance protects you from expensive damage to your property that exceeds the security deposit. Some managers will initially require tenants to submit proof of renters insurance but then do not follow-up to make sure the coverage is renewed or that the premiums are paid every month. It is impossible for any manager to make sure tenants stay in compliance with their insurance carrier.
At Greenbridge, WE PAY the resident’s monthly premium for tenant liability insurance that covers damage to your property up to $100,000 per unit. It is the only way to guarantee their coverage is always current. We do ask the tenants to reimburse us but we always keep paying the premiums even if the tenant falls behind.

Do you use your own leases?

Landlord / tenant law in Oregon changes every year and leases need to be updated to reflect those changes. There are a few good associations that sell the most up-to-date leases. A manager who uses their own leases has most likely plagiarized an outdated version of these copyrighted leases to save money by not paying association fees and the continual costs of new documents. An outdated lease puts you at risk, not the manager.
Greenbridge is a member of Multifamily NW, the largest rental housing association in Oregon.

Tell Me about Background Checks

Many management companies use local screening companies that take a minimum 24 hours to return results, longer if over the weekend. We employ a national Tenant Screening Service that returns our results instantaneously, meaning in less than 30 seconds. It is the most comprehensive background check allowed by law and includes among other things: a FICO credit score, credit history and full detail off all open and closed accounts, RentBureau rental history, nationwide eviction search including those without a judgment, and nationwide criminal search. Every person over the age of 18 must apply, and because we get the results instantly, we can fill vacancies faster.

Where do you advertise?

Vacancy is by far the most expensive cost of owning a rental. An empty rental is losing many hundreds of dollars every week in opportunity costs.
We blanket the market with advertising and we fight hard to keep good residents in place for additional years (which saves you another lease fee).

Is there anything else that sets you apart?

We are a 100% paperless company. Nothing is printed or stored in hard copy and digital copies are never stored on local hard-drives, laptops, mobile phones or tablets. Greenbridge employs national firms with bank-grade security features and all sensitive data is encrypted.

All of the technicians we hire are licensed, bonded and insured.

Your property is inspected by a maintenance technician every six months to check on the tenants and perform any quick preventative maintenance issues, for example a leaky faucet.

Your funds are held in a special bank account that is federally insured. The account also has special regulations which protects it from any judgements against our company or commingling with our own funds. In other words, the rent we collect on your behalf is always legally yours.

Emergency maintenance services are available twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.

Looking to sell someday? We offer sale services specifically for our landlord clients since we already know the property and tenant well and can coordinate the multiple showings. This keeps rental income coming while the property is on the market and gives us an inside track with potential investors. Greenbridge is affiliated with the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors. More information is available on request.